Magnetic Field the Marsden PoemsMagnetic Field the Marsden Poems

Simon Armitage

Pub: Faber & Faber
89 pages
Price: £14.99, includes postage. 


“Magnetic Field “brings together Armitage’s Marsden poems, from his very first pamphlet to new work……. It offers personal insight into a preoccupation that shows no sign of fading, and a perspective on a locality he describes as ‘transcendent and transgressive”.

The Death of King Arthur

The Death of King ArthurSimon Armitage

Pub: Faber & Faber
163 pages
Price: £10.99, includes postage. 


“A new translation of the legendary story of King Arthur, from one of Britain’s most celebrated poets”

The Owl and the Nightingale

The Owl and the NightingaleSimon Armitage
Illustrated by Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Pub: Faber & Faber
85 pages
Price: £14.99, includes postage. 


…An unnamed narrator overhears a fiery verbal contest between two eponymous birds, which moves entertainingly from the eloquent and philosophical to the ribald an the ridiculous. The disputed issues still resonate – concerning identity, cultural attitudes, class distinctions and the right to be heard…”

The Signalman

Ezra Miles

A captivating selection which questions, resolves and provides a unique examination of the semi-urban environment.

“Art can make the mundane profound and the profound mundane. We live in a world which has in equal measures denigrated and overstated the natural world and the ordinary human life. Hopefully poetry balances the books in both directions.” – Ezra Miles 

Read about Ezra Miles work and inspirations here: booksonthelane.co.uk/writing-about-reading


Pub: Eyewear Publishing

Price: £11.99, includes postage. 


A Hurricane in my Head – Poems For When Your Phone Dies

Matt Abbott

A Hurricane in my Head

“The poems in this book will definitely help you through the week. And with a bit of luck they might even change your life….” 


139 pages

Pub: Bloomsbury

Price: £6.99, includes postage. 


The Complete Poetry

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou: The Complete Poetry

She was important in so many ways. She launched African American women writing in the United States. She was generous to a fault. She had nineteen talents – used ten. And was a real original. There is no duplicate.” Toni Morrison 

Hardback, 308 pages

Pub: Virago

Price: £16.99, includes postage. 


9 Displacement Activities

Jimmy Andrex

9 Displacement Activities - Jimmy Andrex

“When the pandemic hit, my response was to produce radio content. In all, there were about 70 pieces for radio….As we lurched into 2021, Peter Spafford at Chapelfm asked me to write a piece about my time volunteering as Navigation Walk vaccine centre in Wakefield. Like everything else, we set no end point, we’d just see where it went. Here’s where it went. Amazing how easy it’s been to forget it all.” 


Pub: Northern Beat Poets Association

Price: £5.50, includes postage.



John Ashbery


“The poems have a confession they can’t quite bring themselves to make, apologies that can’t quite pin themselves down. Ashbery’s digressions are wily, heartbreaking and vertiginous. They are departures, fears of departure, and the fact of time: time versus the heart’s vagaries and the curiosities of eye and ear. The search for epiphanies continues, the clock ticks.”   

Paperback, 79 pages

Pub: Carcanet Press

Price: £14.99, includes postage. 


Another Time

WH Auden

Another Time: W.H. Auden - Faber 90

Another Time (1940) was the first volume that WH Auden published after his departure for America, and includes some of his best-known and  often-quoted poems in their original forms.” 


Pub: Faber & Faber 90th Anniversary Edition

Price: £10.00,  includes postage.


Poems (1930) 

WH Auden

Poems (1930)

He arrived at a mode that was stricken with premonitions of an awful thing and was adequate to give expression to those premonitions by strictly poetic means.” Seamus Heaney


Pub: Faber & Faber

Price: £9.99, includes postage.  


Who Are You Calling Vermin?

Pam Ayres

Who Are You Calling Vermin?

“Hidden beyond the bluebell woods and babbling brooks, there is great unrest in our countryside. In this lyrical satire, Pam Ayres highlights the undercurrents simmering beyond the patchwork of fields.” 

Hardback, 76 pages.

Pub:Ebury Spotlight

Price: £12.99 includes postage


How To Be Invisible, Selected Lyrics

Kate Bush

How To Be Invisible: Featuring a new introduction by Kate Bush

“The greatest singer songwriter of the past forty years, whose work is complex, ethereal and filled with so many secrets that one can listen to the albums for decades and still discover new delights every time…There’s not a spare word anywhere in Bush’s work.” – Irish Times

Paperback, 189 pages

Pub: Faber & Faber

Price:£10.99 includes postage.


Black Country

Liz Berry

Black Country

“In Berry’s hands, the ordinary is transformed: her characters shift shapes, her eye is unusual, her ear attuned to the sounds of the Black Country, with ‘vowels ferrous as nails, consonants/you  could lick the coal from.”

Paperback, 63 pages

Pub:Chatto Poetry

Price: £12 includes postage.   


Poems from the Moor

Emily Bronte

Image for Poems from the Moor : Annotated Edition

“From the transcendent beauty of nature observed on the Yorkshire moors to fierce and forceful confrontations of mortality, Emily Bronte’s poems are powerful and passionate works that eloquently elaborate upon her sister Charlotte’s description of her as ‘a solitude-loving raven, no gentle dove’.”

Paperback, 249 pages

Pub: Alma Classics

Price: £7.99 includes postage.



Elizabeth Bishop

Image for Poems : The Centenary Edition

“This new edition includes all the poems that Bishop herself saw into print and a selection of unfinished, posthumously published work. It offers readers the opportunity to enjoy the complete poems of one of the most distinguished poets of the twentieth century.” 

Paperback, 353 pages

Pub:Chatto & Windus

Price: £14.99 includes postage.


Of Sea

Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

Image for Of Sea

“A remarkable new book in praise of marine fauna, ‘Of Sea’ takes the form of a poetic bestiary of creatures living beneath, beside and above the water.” 

Paperback, 92 pages

Pub: Penned in the Margins

Price: £9.99, includes postage.  



Fiona Benson

Image for Ephemeron

“This extraordinarily moving collection is a bold confrontation of violence against women. …One of the darkest, bravest and most unsettling collections I have read in a while.” – Kate Kellaway, ‘Observer’   

Paperback, 117 pages

Pub: Cape Poetry

Price: £12 includes postage.  



Victoria Adukwei Bulley

Image for Quiet

“…stunning poems draw you in with their melodious versatility, intellect and dexterity. They perfectly embody the political through the personal and are freedom-loving shapeshifters constantly changing form and animating ideas and language to surprising effect.”

Paperback, 89 pages

Pub: Faber

Price: £10.99 includes postage. 


A Little History of Poetry

John Carey

Image for A Little History of Poetry

“What is poetry? If music is sound organised in a particular way, poetry is a way of organising language. It is language made special, so that it will be remembered and valued. 

“This little history shines a light on the richness and variation of the world’s poems – and the elusive quality which makes them all the more enticing.” 

Paperback, 312 pages.

Pub: Yale Books

Price: £10.99, includes postage. 



Tim Cresswell 

Image for Plastiglomerate : 3

Plastiglomerate completes a trilogy of poetry books that examines mankind’s impact on the earth;….Among powerful depictions of the natural world under threat…it is the humanity of Cresswell’s imagery that wins through.” 

Paperback, 73 pages.

Pub:Penned in the Margins

Price: £9.99 includes postage.    


Ten Years in an Open Necked Shirt

John Cooper Clarke

Image for Ten Years in an Open Necked Shirt

“Punk. Poet. Pioneer. The bard of Salford’s seminal collection is as scabrous, wry and vivid now as it was when first published over 25 years ago.”

Paperback, 112 pages

Pub:Vintage Books

Price: £8.99 includes postage.  


Listening to Owls

John Irving Clarke

Listening to Owls

“..a deep concern with the act of remembering, dealing with the specific details of time and place which are both personal and universal in their scope.” – Julie Mellor

Paperback, 54 pages

Pub: Currock Press

Price: £5 includes postage.   

Bright Fear

Mary Jean Chan

Image for Bright Fear

“One of those rare poets who leaves you looking up with a sense that you can engage even with the  smallest part of the world around you with a much greater intensity.” – PN Review.   

Paperback, 64 Pages

Pub: Faber

Price: £10.99 includes postage


95 Poems

E.E. Cummings

Image for 95 Poems

“Published in 1958, 95 Poems is the last book of new poems published in Cummings’s lifetime. Remarkable for its vigor, freshness, interest in ordinary individuals, and awareness of the human life cycle, the book reflects Cummings’s observations on nature and his prevailing gratitude for whatever life offers: “Time’s a strange fellow: more he gives than takes.” 

Paperback, 104 pages

Pub: Norton



Love Poems

Carol Ann Duffy

Image for Love Poems

“Whether writing of longing or seduction, of passion, adultery, or simple, everyday acts of love, Carol Ann Duffy perfectly captures the truth of each experience. Love Poems contains some of her most popular poems and, always imaginative, heartfelt and direct, displays all the eloquence and skill that have made her one of the foremost poets of her time.”

Paperback, 56 pages


Price: £9.99, includes postage. 


The Illustrated Emerson Essays & Poems

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Image for The Illustrated Emerson : Essays and Poems

“This collection…is a beautiful introduction to one of America’s greatest writers and thinkers.” 

Hardback, 256 pages

Pub:Fall River Press

Price: £14.99, postage included in  the price.  


Selected Poems

TS Eliot

Image for Selected Poems of T. S. Eliot

As a poet, editor and essayist, T. S. Eliot was one of the defining figures of twentieth century poetry. This selection, which was made by Eliot himself, includes many of his most celebrated works, including The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and The Waste Land.

Hardback, 117 pages

Pub: Faber

Price: £10.99 includes postage 


Taking Liberties 

Leontia Flynn

Image for Taking Liberties : ‘Everyone should be reading her’ Observer

“This is a necessary book – a book very much of our time – with a consistent tone that is brave and bleak, but which also carries with it some much-needed humour, and a wealth of beautiful writing.”

Paperback, 62 pages

Published: Vintage

Price: £12 includes postage


The Bone Library

Jenni Fagan

Image for The Bone Library

“These poems are alive with electricity, pulsating with a frequency that vibrates throughout. In a journey from there to here, The Bone Library examines and interprets all of human life. Throughout the collection Jenni Fagan responds to broader themes of identity, of place, of love and the unloved.”

Paperback, 205 pages

Pub:Polygon Books

Price: £10, includes postage. 


Poems 1962 – 2020

Louise Gluck

Image for Poems : 1962–2020

A major career-spanning collection from the inimitable Nobel Prize-winning poet… Across her work, elements are reiterated but endlessly transfigured – Persephone, a copper beech, a mother and father and sister, a garden, a husband and son, a horse, a dog, a field on fire, a mountain. Taken together, the effect is like a shifting landscape seen from above, at once familiar and unspeakably profound.”

Paperback, 694 pages

Pub: Penguin

Price: 12.99 includes postage. 


Pessimism is for Lightweights,  30 Pieces of Courage and Resistance 

Salena Godden 

Image for Salena Godden - Pessimism is for Lightweights (Hardback)

“These are poems written for the Women’s March, poems that salute peaceful protest, poems on sexism and racism, class discrimination and homelessness, immigration and identity.”


Pub: Rough Trade Books

Price: £13.99 includes postage.


The Thirteenth Angel

Philip Gross 

Image for The Thirteenth Angel

“With each new collection, Philip Gross’ poems extend their conversation between the metaphysical and the acutely physical. His sequences in The Thirteenth Angel scan from moment to moment like flickering needles, registering stress patterns in the world around us – ebbs and flows of weather or events, in our own bodies, in the city streets before and after the pandemic, or on the autoroutes of Europe with their undertow of human flight. If there are angels, they are nothing otherworldly, but formed by angles of incidence between real immediate things, sudden moments of clarity that may disturb, calm or exhilarate. The Thirteenth Angel is Philip Gross’s 27th book of poetry, and his 12th from Bloodaxe, and was shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot Prize 2022.”

Paperback, 95 pages

Pub: Bloodaxe Books

Price: £12 includes postage. 


Death of a Naturalist

Seamus Heaney

Image for Death of a Naturalist

“For the fortieth anniversary of its publication, in May 2006, Faber are reissuing Seamus Heaney’s classic first collection, Death of a Naturalist, which on its appearance in 1966 won the Cholmondeley Award, the E.C. Gregory Award, the Somerset Maugham Award and the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize. ‘His words give us the soil-reek of Ireland, the colourful violence of his childhood on a farm in Derry.”

Paperback, 45 pages

Pub: Faber

Price: £10.99


The Haw Lantern

Seamus Heaney

Image for The Haw Lantern

“Widely praised on its first publication in 1987, The Haw Lantern ventured into new imaginative territory with poems exploring the theme of loss – including a celebrated sonnet sequence concerning the death of the poet’s mother – joined by meditations on the conscience of the writer and exercises in an allegorical vein.”

Hardback, 55 pages

Pub: Faber

Price: £10 includes postage. 


A Thousand Mornings

Mary Oliver

Image for A Thousand Mornings

“Whether studying the leaves of a tree or mourning her treasured dog Percy, Mary Oliver is beautifully open to the teachings contained within the smallest of moments. In A Thousand Mornings she explores, with startling clarity, humour and kindness, the mysteries of our daily experience.”

Paperback, 79 pages

Pub: Corsair Poetry

Price: £10.99 includes postage.