Books about Trees

Books about Trees

Arboreal - A Collection of New Woodland Writing
Edited: Adrian Cooper

Writings from Kathleen Jamie, Jay Griffiths, Sean Lysaght, Fiona Stafford, Philip Hoare, Evie Wyld, Fiona Reynolds, Paul Kingsnorth, David Nash, Alec Finlay, Simon Leatherdale, Gabriel Hemery, Robin Walter, Peter Marren, William Boyd, Jim Crumley, Sue Clifford, Simon Armitage, Adam Thorpe, Jackie Kay, Helen Dunmore, Neil Sinden, Tobias Jones, Nina Lyon, Will Ashton, Ali Smith, Sara Maitland, Richard Skelton, Paul Evans, Madeleine Bunting, Jen Hadfield, Germaine Greer, Zaffar Kunial, Alan Garner, George Peterken, Tim Dee, Piers Taylor, Deb Wilenski, Philip Marsden, Richard Mabey.

Hardback, 327 pages, Pib. Little Toller, 2016.
Price: £20


“Arboreal is a landmark publication of new writing from woodlands across the British Isles. In memory of the great historical ecologist, Oliver Rackham, the book gathers a variety if voices – novelists, teachers, ecologists, poets, artists, architects and foresters – to explore why woods still matter and mean so much.”

Royalties from the sale of Arboreal are donated to the charity Common Ground.

The Tree - Tree
John Fowles

Hardback, 101 pages, Pub. Little Toller,2016.
Price: £12


“A masterful blend of autobiography, literary criticism, philosophy and nature writing, The Tree is a classic meditation on why human creativity and nature are entwined, and a compelling rejection of the idea that the natural world is something to be tamed and possessed for human purpose.”

Kews Big Trees -’s Big Trees
Christina Harrison

Paperback, 56 pages, Pub.Kew Publishing, Second Edition. Colour photographs.
Price: £6.00



“Trees are integral to our lives, deep-rooted in our history and culture, an invaluable resource, increasingly precious to our environment and the well-being of the planet. Kew cares for over 14,000 trees in its 132 hectares: a unique mix from around the world of the rare, ancient, useful and beautiful. Kew’s Big Trees reveals the secrets behind one of the world’s best tree collections, with 20 profiles of Kew’s most intriguing species, including the English Oak, Wollemi Pine and Monkey Puzzle.”

Woodland Craft - Craft
Ben Law

Paperback, 215 pages, Pub. Guild of Master Craftsmen Publications Ltd. 2015.

Illustrated drawings and colour photographs.

Price: £16.99


Woodland Craft detail -“Accompany woodsman Ben Law as he celebrates the amazing diversity of craft products made from materials sourced directly from the woods. Including brooms, rakes, pegs, spoons, chairs, baskets, fencing, yurts and even a caravan, the items are hewn from freshly cut green wood, shaped by hand and infused with a simple rustic beauty. Detailed instructions and advice are given for each craft, along with essential Woodland Craft detail - about tools and devices. With fascinating information on the history, language and traditions of the crafts, coppice management and tree species, this book teaches all about aspects of the low-impact woodland way of life.”



The Wood - Wood – The Life and Times of Cockshutt Wood
John Lewis-Stempel

Paperback, 294 pages, Pub. Black Swan, 2019.
Price: £8.99

“For four years, John Lewis-Stempel managed Cockshutt Wood, and did so in the old ways. He coppiced the trees and let cattle and pigs roam. This is his diary of the final year, by which time he knew Cockshutt from the bottom of its beech roots to the tips of its oaks, all of its animals – the fox, the pheasants, the wood mice, the tawny owl – and where the best bluebells grew. For many fauna and flora, woods like Cockshutt are the last refuge……it proved a sanctuary for John too.”

Out of the Woods - of the Woods
Luke Turner

Hardback, 271 pages, Pub. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2019.
Price: £16.99



“Out of the Woods is a dazzling, devastating and highly original memoir about the irresistible yet double-edged potency of the forest, and the possibility of learning to find peace in the grey areas of life.”

British Native Trees - Native Trees – Their Past and Present Uses – including a guide to burning wood in the home

Piers Warren

Paperback, 84 pages, Pub. Wildeye, 2006. Black and white photographs.

Price: £5.95


“This unique book by trained tree surgeon and smallholder Piers Warren explores the past and present uses of products (wood, bark, fruit, sap etc) of the 35 species of British native trees. With sections on native trees, coppicing, charcoal production, and firewood.”

Londons Street Trees -’s Street Trees

Paul Wood

Paperback, 224 pages, Pub. Safe Haven, 2017. Revised ed.2020.
Colour photographs

Price: £14.99


“When the first edition of this wonderful guidebook came out in 2017, most people thought a street ree meant a London Plane. In fact, as it revealed, the capital’s magnificently green streets were home to everything from Giant Redwoods to Persian Sik Trees – an urban arboretum as vibrantly multicultural as this great world city itself…”

“For someone like me who is not a natural naturalist, the book reveals a previously unconsidered world situated just outside the front door, or at most, only a bus ride away.” Ian Jack, The Guardian